Shaarang Iyer

Shaarang iyer

Student Head

Shaarang is the Student Head of the Law Review Committee and its founding member. A 4th Year student at KPMSOL, he was awarded the 1st Prize in Government Law College’s Annual competition, “The Policy Review” for his essay, “Compromising Citizens’ Privacy for National Interest: A Fair Tradeoff?” in 2017. The essay was published in GLC’s annual magazine, MéLawnge. He co-authored a paper titled “Critical Analysis Of Muslim Women Protection Laws”, which he presented at Symbiosis Law School Pune’s annual conference, “SYMRPOLIC” in September 2019. He has also participated in a Criminal Law Moot conducted by AURO University (Surat) in February 2019. Shaarang has previously conducted on-ground research for organisations such as CRY and Rescue Foundation, which deal with the rights of children and victims of human trafficking, respectively. His research interests currently involve Constitutional Law, Public Policy and Intellectual Property.