Faculty-In-Charge & Editor-In-Chief

Ms. Richa Kashyap

Richa Kashyap

Richa Kashyap
Assistant Professor, NMIMS

Specialization: Commercial and Corporate Laws


Specialization: Commercial and Corporate laws



Academic and Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. (Course Work Completed) – Amity University Mumbai, 2019

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. (Course Work Completed) – Amity University Mumbai, 2019

LL.M, National Law University, Cuttack (Odisha) India Corporate Law Specialization, 2015-16

B.B.A LL.B, KIIT Law School, Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) India, Business Law Specialization, 2010-15 [Gold Medal for Academic and Extra Curricular Activities]

Work Experience (Academic)

Asst. Prof. of Law at NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, 2018


Faculty/Lecturer (Visiting) – March 2017 to January 2018

School of Business Management, NMIMS –
MBA (Law) – Banking and Insurance Laws & Corporate International Taxation Laws

Kirit. P Mehta School of Law, NMIMS – 
Patent Law, Company Laws

Anil Surrendra Modi School of Commerce NMIMS – 
BBA- Principles of Management and Business laws, Corporate Laws

Sunandan Divatia School of Science, NMIMS – 
B.Sc. – Corporate & Business Ethics, Research Methodology

K.C. Law College Mumbai, Maharashtra
Business Law

Teaching Pedagogy and Innovation:
Instructional Conversations, Contextualization, PowerPoint Presentations, Case studies.

Total Teaching Experience: 3 year 1 Month


Worked as an advocate under the supervision of Mr. Anil Kumar Kashyap, Senior Advocate at the High Court of Jharkhand at Ranchi, in relation to Criminal and Company Law Matters.

Total Industry Experience: 1 Year [March 2017 to February 2018].

Research Area: 

PhD: Banking Laws
Areas of Research: Corporate Laws, Banking & Insurance Laws, Commercial Laws.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular:

  1. Awarded with Gold Medal for committed diligent and sincere student in the field of Extra- Curricular Activities on the occasion of the 65th Republic Day by KIIT, University and declared as the “Student of the Year” for the academic session of 2013-14, in Law stream.
  2. Bagged the 2nd position in the 1st NUSRL IPR Essay Writing Competition’ 12 organised by National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi.
  3. Secured 15th rank in the 2nd Independent Thought Essay Competition, 2013.
  4. Secured 2nd rank in the Rostrum Essay Competition, 2013
  5. Judged 11th K.C Law National Moot Court Competition at K.C Law College Church Gate Mumbai held on 18th March, 2017
  6. Judged 3rd Intra Moot Court Competition at Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS Mumbai held on 29th April 2017
  7. Ranked 6th in the “7th Amity International Moot Court Competition” at Lucknow held from 21st February to 23rd February 2014

National Paper Presentations

  1. Paper presented titled Need  to look beyond legislative boundaries at International Seminar on Protection of Child Rights and Law relating to Women Empowerment in India, Law Mantra in collaboration with The Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, 12 January 2020.
  2. Paper presented titled Gender Stereotyping in Media and Entertainment Industry An Empirical Study at National Seminar on Gender & Media, Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai, 29th February 2020.
  3. Paper presented titled Abuse of Dominant Position in the E-commerce, One Day National Seminar at  ICFAI Hyderabad.
  4. Participated and Presented paper titled Strengthening Governance for Effective Disaster Risk Management at 4th World Congress on Disaster Management, IIT Mumbai, January 2019.
  5. Participated and presented a paper titled Importance of Corporate Governance vis a~ vis the increasing Non- Performing assets in the Indian Banking Sector at Thakur Law College, Mumbai.
  6. Participated and presented a paper titled “Stemming the tyranny of the Majority” under the theme “Judicial Review and Policy Consideration” at National University of Study and Research in Law (NUSRL), Ranchi.
  7. Participated in One Day National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Laws, IPRPL –Organised by JIS Group, Kolkata. [2012]


  1. Paper titled “Role of Judiciary vis-à-vis Policy making”  published in Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies  ISSN 2319-4766, Vol.8, issue 43 January 2020,SJIF-6.38
  2. Paper titled “Importance of Corporate Governance vis-a`-vis The Increasing Non-Performing Assets in the Indian banking Sector ” got published as a book chapter in “Legal Dynamics- A compilation of recent developing trends in Law and Society” ISBN [ 978-93-87910-46-1]
  3. Paper titled “The Effects of Globalisation on the Indian Legal profession” got published in An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Ajanta, Impact Factor 5.5, and UGC Listed Journal [Journal No. 40776]
  4. Paper titled “Environmental Justice Delivery in India through Courts” got published in the “International Journal of Research and analysis” Volume 1 Issue 2 – [ISSN 2347-3185]
  5. Paper titled “Stemming the Tyranny of the Majority” under the theme “Judicial Review and Policy Consideration” got published in the book Judicial Review of Legislative, Executive & Administrative Action – Need for Equilibrium, Scholars’ Press Germany, at Pg. No. 73-90 under the heading Judicial Review: Right, Problem, Majority, Activism and Standard & Accountability [ISBN No.978-3-639-70726-7]
  6. Paper titled “DOES REJECTION HURT? – Understanding the roots of Social Exclusion” under the theme “Social Exclusion: Institutions & Policy” got published in the Journal of Social Science & Humanities, “JIGYASA” published by Banaras Hindu University (BHU) [ISSN 0974 – 7648].
  7. Paper titled “Need for Juvenile Justice Reform- An old problem in a new light”, under the theme Age of Criminal Responsibility got published under the 2nd Independent Thought Essay Competition, 2013
  8. Paper titled “Violence against Women- the Dark side of Families” got published in the Rostrum Law Review Volume II Issue I- [ISSN: 2321-3787] at pg no. 52-65 RLR (1) 2014.
  9. Paper titled “An analysis on the External Aids to Construction” got published in the Journal of Legal Analysis and Research (JLAR) Vol. 1, Issue 1, January-March 2014.
  10. Paper titled “Right to Information Act: A Journey from Opaqueness to Transparency” got published in Consentia on Multidisciplinary Research.
  11. Paper titled, “the Right to Social Security — A Desirable and Feasible Floor for All” (September 2, 2014). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2490581; http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2490581
  12. Paper titled, “A Critical Analysis on Rehabilitation Schemes In cases of Cross Border Insolvency” got published in Madras Law Journal , Lexis Nexis at pg no. 86- 97 (2014) 8 MLJ VOL. 287
  13. Founder and Editor of Journal for Legal Management & Research.

Editorial Boards

  1. Associate Editor at Journal of Legal Research and Analysis (JLRA) a peer- reviewed journal of Deadly Law Online Media.

Workshops and Professional Training Programs Attended

  1. Attended One day Road Show on Competition Laws organised by CCI and CII at Trident, Mumbai.
  2. Participated and successfully completed two-day Certificate Course on “Cyber Law for young Professionals” in collaboration with Cyber Law Consulting (Advocates & Attorneys), conducted by Maharashtra National Law University held on 21st July and 22nd July, 2018 at Powai, Mumbai.
  3. Attended the course on International Arbitration conducted by Prof. Martin Hunter, Professor of International Dispute resolution, Nottingham Trent University, at KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar.
  4. Attended the course on Oral Advocacy Plan conducted by Prof. Martin Hunter, Professor of International Dispute Resolution, Nottingham Trent University, at KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar.
  5. Attended a One-day workshop on Human Rights conducted by National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.


  1. Enrolled as an Advocate at Bar Council of India at Jharkhand – JH/667

Service to the Institution and Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Presently, faculty in charge for NMIMS Law Review Committee at Kirit P. Mehta School of Law.
  2. Administration of Research Publications and Law Review at School of Business Management, NMIMS Mumbai – Year 2017 -18