Volume 1

1. Anirudh Goyal & Vishal Hablani, Are the Amendments to the Specific Relief Act, 1963 in sync with the Expert Committee Report, 2016? Pages: 1-17
2. Shubhi Goyal, Business Method Patents: A Critical Study Pages: 18-37
3. Akshay Douglas Gudinho, Permanent Establishments: The Curious Case of Amalgamated Companies Pages: 38-52
4. Prashant Joshi, At the Carrefour: Indian Privacy Policy and Transatlantic Data Models Pages: 53-85

5. Satyam Tandon, Reasonableness in Religion Pages: 86-102


6. Varad S Kolhe, Notes from Foreign Fields: Analyzing the Aftereffects of CDC v. Akzo Nobel in Arbitrating Anti-Trust Damages Claims Pages: 103-117
7. Angad Singh Makkar, Eco-Centrism in the Juridical Realm: Implications of Mohd. Salim v. State of Uttarakhand Pages: 118-128

8. Anjali Jain, Book Review of ‘Courting the People: Public Interest Litigation in Post- Emergency India’ by Anuj Bhuwania Pages: 129-138