Volume 2

1. Comparative Analysis of The Corporate Restructuring Process in India, China & Japan: Reaping from The Best in Asia, Dhruv Chhajed & Devarsh Shah Pages 1-15
2. Fluid Trademarks: Advertising and Marketing Innovation in Intellectual Property Regime, Shambhavi Shekhar Pages 17-34
3. Connecting the Dots: Data, E-Commerce, Foreign Direct Investment & MSMEs, Manikanda Prabhu J Pages 35-56
4. Recent Trends in The Global Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions Scenario: An Analysis, Manisha Nanda Pages 57-73
5. Sustainable Development in Developing Nations: An Ethical & Economic Conundrum, Gaurav Puri & Raina Mahapatra Pages 74-90
6. Meme Culture: An Examination of Threshold of Copyright Protection in the Digital Age, Anietia Tom Pages 91-106

1. Interaction of Competition Law with Trademark and Copyright, Saksham Malik Pages 107-142
2. Conciliating the Conundrum of Arbitrability of Fraud in India, Amisha Aggarwal & Aarushi Kapoor Pages 143-174
3. Weaponised Narrative and its Implications on International Law, Muskaan Wadhwa Pages 175-209
4. Social Media – The Master Puppeteer, Rajorshi Palit & Pranay Sharma Pages 210-241
5. Unravelling the Constitutionality of the Nuclear Damage Act, 2010, Akarsh Kumar & Sagnik Sarkar Pages 242-272

1. Reconciling Localization Mandate of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 with International Trade Obligations, Prahalad Sriram Pages 273-284