Volume 3


1. Legalized Politics of Recognition of States in International Law: A Case of ‘Realpolitik’, Not Law, Adithya Anil Variath.  Pages 1-33

2. The Indian Mutual Fund Industry: Regulatory Evolution and the Contemporary, Jessica Kaur & Srishti Kaushal. Pages 34-67

3. A Holistic Study of the Legality of Pay-for-delay Agreements An Indian Perspective, Nishant Pande & Urja Dhapre. Pages 68-104



1. Evolution Of Prima Facie Special Equities In Light Of Interim Injunctions, Priyanshi Sarin. Pages 106-118

2. The Panopticon: From Bentham, through Foucault to the Surveillance State, Karan Ahluwalia. Pages 119-137

3. Migrant Crisis in India – A Pandemonium Over a Pandemic, Aishwarya Vardhan & Sanjana Sharma.  Pages 138-158

4. Credit Default Swaps and Insurance: The Perpetual Characterization Conundrum, Divij Jain. Pages 159-177

5. Protecting the Rights of Children under the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, Divya Pinheiro. Pages 178-197